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Drift DXB. Artwork: Aaron Meriwether

Dubai Autodrome to Provide a Safe Environment for Car Drifting Dubai, UAE, 20 July 2020:  Dubai Autodrome introduces a new track activity, Drift DXB, which aims to take car drifting…

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New World Karting. Artwork: Aaron Meriwether

Dubai, UAE, 12 June 2020:  As business operations gradually resume across the UAE, industry leaders Dubai Autodrome and Dubai Kartdrome have made the most of the lockdown period to develop…

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Endurance Championship. Photo: Aaron Meriwether

Dubai, UAE, 28 February 2020:  After 400 laps and over eight hours of endurance kart racing on the Reverse Switchback with Hill Circuit at Dubai Kartdrome, only 0.089 seconds separated…

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NGK ProCar. Photo: Aaron Meriwether

Dubai, UAE, 22 February 2020:  The fourth round of the NGK UAE ProCar Championship got into action on Friday (21 February) at Dubai Autodrome in support of a full weekend…

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Scribbler. Artwork: Aaron Meriwether

You may not have a professional copywriter on hand to help you with that project that just landed on your desk.  You may not be the best writer. No problem. …

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